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Hiking Pace by Leader:
How Fast or Slow Do You Go?

Wonder if an outing leader walks fast or slow? Keep in mind that the leaderís speed is but one part of hiking. How high up a mountain the hike starts, the total mileage and elevation gain (up hill) and loss (down hill) greatly affect the difficulty of a hike, regardless of how fast or slow you walk. If you have any doubts about being able to do a hike or have other questions, please call the leader to discuss your concerns. These ratings only serve as a guide and are not a substitute for you being in appropriate physical condition before participating in an outing.

Leaders are grouped according to how fast they normally hike. Please keep in mind that this info is to help you decide if a hike is right for you. The outing rating instructions to hikers is also important for participants to read. Look at the difficulty of the hike. If the rating is moderate with few or more frequent stops a fast pace hiker must hike slower to accommodate that rating.

Varies, see hike description for details Jim Gannon, Isabelle Saint-Guily
Fast-pace with few or no stops Paul Bozzo, Carol Magill
Moderate-pace with few stops Don Anderson, Tiffany MacNeil, Boone Lodge, Lorrie Lagasse
Moderate-pace with more frequent stops Pete McGee, Tim Bartice, Melinda Groom, Val Nordeman, Carol Vellutini, Yvonne Kramer, Martin Farber, Brian Collett, Carl Inglin, Tom McFarling, Nanette DeDonato, Jonah Freedman, Steve Devoto, Julie Kreis, Ned Forsyth
Slower-pace Allison Bronkall

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