Sierra Club Lake Group and Our Community

The Sierra Club Lake Group was created as an individual entity within the Club in 2001. Group leaders are chosen by annual elections in which all members are invited to participate. The Lake Group has approximtely 400 members currently. Everyone is a volunteer. We have no staff or access to national club legal or scientific expertise. Except for a small subvention from the Redwood Chapter (based on membership) which covers the cost of our bimonthly newsletter, we receive no funding from the larger organization, but are dependent on calendar sales and donations to meet our expenses.

Ongoing Activities

  • Lake Group hosts 5 informational general meetings each year, free and open to the public, on a wide variety of environmental subjects. Additonally we host two (summer and winter) social dinners annually, also free and open to the public.
  • The Club offers hiking leadership courses and leads dozens of Outings every year, mostly within the county. These also are free and open to the public
  • Two miles of Highway 29 have been adopted by the Lake Group and are kept litter free.
  • Lake Group participates in county wide festivals throughout the year, including Earth Day in Middletown, Heron Festival at Clear Lake State Park, the Bluegrass Festival at Anderson Marsh, and the Kelseyville Pear Festival
  • Sierra Club Lake Group is often invited to consult with developers and community organizations regarding smart growth, sustainable practices, and environmentally friendly projects. Group members are active participants in the planning process and submit dozens of comment letters to the Community Development Department annually.

Activities in 2009/2010 (so far)

Sierra Club Lake Group

  • sponsored the ³We Love Tules² 4 Minute Film Festival, with filmmakers invited to make short films celebrating a healthy Clear Lake.
  • collected more than 500 signatures to put the Access Pass ballot initiative in support of our State Parks (Prop 21) onto the November ballot.
  • built public support for the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area.
  • participated in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the Avalon Springs Project, Mendocino Community College site selection, the Clear Lake Watershed Management Plan, the Konocti purchase facilitation committee, the Regional Water Board/TMDL stakeholders group, the Shoreline Area Plan, the Middletown Area Plan, the Blueprint 2030 planning project, Lake County Watershed Groups, and others.

Ongoing participation in County and community committees includes:
the Cache Creek Watershed Council, Clear Lake Advisory Committee, Invasive Species Council, Fish and Wildlife Advisoryı Board, Lake County Energy Policy Council, Lake County Food Policy Council, the Chi Council (founded by the Sierra Club Lake Group), the Konocti Regional Trails Planning project, Highland Springs Trails Group, Clarkıs Island Sustainability Project, and others.

Lake Group financial donations include:
the Childrenıs Museum of Arts and Science, Clear Lake State Park Interpretive Association, Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association, Community Radio Station KPFZ, and the Clarkıs Island Sustainability Project. The Group also contributed $2000 towards the Mt. Konocti purchase.


Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet

To connect with the Lake Group contact Chair Cheri Holden, or 707 263 5787

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