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Welcome to the Mendocino Group of California's Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Mendocino Group encompasses all Sierra Club members living in Mendocino County.

News: July 2014

Little River Airport Public Forestland to be Harvested

Mendocino County is planning to harvest its 57-acre forest property next to the Little River Airport this year. There are approximately 100 old-growth trees, both Redwood and Douglas-Fir, on the property. While no individual old-growth tree will be cut, second-growth trees will be cut that are adjacent to these old trees. Therefore, we are asking that a core area that contains a concentration of the old trees - about 5 acres - be set aside and not entered at all. This would help protect the old growth from incidental damage and degradation from felling and skidding trees out of this special grove - activities that would forever diminish both its beauty and functionality for wildlife. The old grove could also serve as a destination point for a recreational hiking trail that would start at the county road. The county's promise, as part of the harvest plan, to create a passive recreational component has never been realized.

Please call Dan Hamburg, the Mendocino County supervisor who's district this is, and ask for both a set-aside of the old trees - most importantly and urgently! - as well as a recreational trail. His office number is 707-463-7231.

Please sign the online petition (below left),
and/or the printed petition (below right):

Online petition
Little River Airport Public Forestland online petition
Airport Wooded Ecosystem
Save Old Growth Make Everlasting
Little River Airport Public Forestland flyer
  Printed petition
Little River Airport Public Forestland petition
Gather signatures and send to:
Sierra Club, PO Box 522
Mendocino CA 95460

Pygmy Forest Under Pressure

The County wants to build a Garbage Transfer Station in the Pygmy Forest three miles east of Fort Bragg. To do this, the City of Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, State Parks and CalFire, along with Wes Chesbro, have concocted a three way swap which gives the seventeen acre proposed Transfer site to the City of Fort Bragg and County, (it's currently owned by Jackson State Forest.) The present Transfer Station in Caspar will go to State Parks, (it's now owned by the County of Mendocino,) and Parks will give twelve plus acres to Jackson State Forest. The enabling legislation was prepared by Wes Chesbro. Two other Transfer Stations have been built on Pygmy land and we think this is highly inappropriate. The Pygmy Forest in Mendocino is unique in all the world and it ought to be valued as a heritage site. It is not trash land. It is an important and endangered ecosystem.

Please call Dan Gjerde, 4th District Supervisor and the Mendocino Board of Supervisors, 707-463-4221, and insist on protection for the Pygmy Forest.

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Mendocino Group

Box 522, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 937-0903

Sierra Club members and the public are welcome at all ExCom meetings, second Thursday of the odd numbered months, often at the Albion school.

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