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Welcome to the Mendocino Group of California's Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Mendocino Group encompasses all Sierra Club members living in Mendocino County.

News: December 2014

MRC's Albion Railroad Gulch logging plan

We're working on THP 1-14-080 MEN, Mendocino Redwood Company's plan on the Albion River. It's a large plan, taking a 758-acre bite out of the small (2000 acres) Railroad Gulch subwatershed. It proposes removing 2/3 of the volume of the larger trees, mostly under selection silviculture. There are winter operations proposed on many miles of unrocked roads. The extensive removal of large trees has raised many concerns - these are the trees most valuable to wildlife; they intercept rainfall, holding water in the soils and metering it out slowly, thus keeping sediment out of streams; they keep the soils from drying out and maintain soil micro-organisms and invertebrates; they keep slopes stable. The big trees are also more resistant to fire. In short, they create a micro-climate and maintain ecosystem functions for endangered plant and animal species that will be replaced by small trees, brushier, drier conditions, invasion of exotic plant species and habitat for the more numerous and more common animal species. In addition, the larger trees are the ones that put on the most volume of wood in the shortest time. The tree volume in the THP now averages over 17,000 board feet per acre. After this cut, it will be less than 6000 board feet per acre. These stands will not produce merchantable wood for many years - bad for the economy, bad for jobs.

Little River Airport logging plan

On hold is our attempt to place a conservation easement on the county-owned Little River Airport pygmy forest and old forest while the county investigates its own requirements for maintenance of the airport property.

Solid Waste Transfer Station in pristine pygmy forest?

We await the release of the EIR on the Solid Waste Transfer Station proposed for siting in an area of pristine pygmy forest on Highway 20 in Fort Bragg that depends on a convoluted land swap for its realization. An administrative review EIR has been released to higher ups at the Fort Bragg government and the Solid Waste Authority that is not available to members of the public.

Congratulations to our friend and colleague Rixanne Wehren

We take the opportunity to congratulate our friend and colleague Rixanne Wehren, long active as the executive director of the Coastal Land Trust. Ms. Wehren was the honoree at a fete one Sunday afternoon in October given by the Mendocino Land Trust at Seaside Beach on the occasion of the transfer of trust assets of the Coastal Land Trust to MLT. Ms. Wehren has been long active not only in protecting and preserving open land and easements along the coast but also in educating the public as well as public officials as to the necessity for doing so. We congratulate her and thank her and wish her well in future endeavors.

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Mendocino Group

Box 522, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 937-0903

Sierra Club members and the public are welcome at all ExCom meetings, second Thursday of the odd numbered months, often at the Albion school.

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