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Search the state CEQA database for notices of projects by public agencies located in Napa County.

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Project notices of the last 60 days are listed with most recent first. Department of Fish and Game shows projects for entire north coast because its District 3 is headquartered at Yountville. Full option search will take longer on slow connections. Your comments for improving this page are welcome. Thank you to employees of Napa County Planning Department for introduction to CEQAnet.

The CEQAnet database provides summaries of Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Negative Declarations, Environmental Impact Statements, and other types of CEQA and NEPA documents. The summaries include the project title, project location, lead agency name, contact information, and project description.

Please note that the CEQAnet database does not contain a comprehensive listing of all CEQA documents prepared in the State. It contains information only for those CEQA documents that have been submitted to the State Clearinghouse for state agency review, pursuant to requirements of CEQA. Refer to CEQA Guidelines Sections 15062 (Notice of Exemption), 15075 and 15094 (Notice of Determination), 15085 (Notice of Completion), 15205 and 15206 (requirement for State Clearinghouse review).]