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Redwood Creek

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Welcome to the Napa Group of California's Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Come help us with conservation projects in Napa County or take a hike!

Latest News:

The Walt Ranch Environmental Challenge

We’ve been expecting this fight for years, and it is big. It is a fight over habitat, groundwater, and climate change.  Its name is Walt Ranch, and its outcome may influence county, regional, and even statewide policy.   Walt Ranch

The Walt proposal, by a 500+ member Texas-based investment group associated with vintner Craig Hall, is to clear cut over 300 acres of oak woodland for vineyard development on Atlas Peak.

More than 28,000 “significant” trees will be cut down, eliminating wildland habitat, wiping out carbon stores which counter greenhouse gases, and destabilizing the soil.   Project-generated erosion and landslides could threaten house foundations, roads, and water delivery infrastructure.

The project proposes to annually pump over 69 million gallons of water from two sensitive watersheds:   Milliken Creek, which supplies the City of Napa and the water-deficient MST basin, and Capell Creek, which supplies 180 homes in Circle Oaks.  Another 300 or so residences on Atlas Peak also rely on wells.

We believe that the Walt Ranch Environmental Impact Report is deeply flawed.  It does not adequately address environmental damage, nor the neighbors’ interests. To effectively challenge it we must hire an attorney and environmental experts.  Our estimated initial expenses are in the range of $15,000 - 20,000, about 7 times our annual income. 

Can you help us?  Please donate by writing a check to Sierra Club Foundation, stating “Napa Group” in the memo line.  Mail to Napa Sierra Club, PO Box P.O.Box 5531Napa CA 94581. 

The Russian River: All Rivers – The Value of An American Watershed Documentary

Wednesday, March 4 at 5:45pm / Doors open 5:15pm / Cameo Cinema, 1340 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574 

Screening sponsored by Defenders of East Napa Watersheds

This documentary explores the conflicts and challenges to restore and retain the health of California’s legendary Russian River watershed, a story common to rivers and watersheds everywhere.
Reserve seats: reservations@russianriverallrivers.com

Climate Action Plan

Napa County has restarted efforts to address greenhouse gas emissions disfavor with the Board of Supervisors. In July, the county called back previously active stakeholders like the Sierra Club and also initiated public roundtable discussions to “re-vision” the county’s Climate Action Plan. The new approach is expected to focus on incentives and voluntary actions.

Opportunities for Involvement:

Outings Committee

The outings committee is re-organizing and looking for new members. This is a great opportunity to share ideas for new outdoor adventures. Contact napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com

Adopt a Park

Since last fall, a group of Sierra Club volunteers has been assisting the cultivation of young native plants at Napa’s Trancas Crossing Park, on Trancas and Soscol. Our work parties go out for a couple of hours at a time, weeding and mulching.... while enjoying the cries of hawks, and graceful soarings of swallows. To join our volunteer group, contact napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com.

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