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Redwood Creek

Redwood Creek

Loon Lake Lodge

Loon Lake Lodge

Welcome to the Napa Group of California's Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Come help us with conservation projects in Napa County or take a hike!

Latest News:

Celebrate World Environment Day at Lake Berryessa - Sunday June 8th

Sunday June 8th, 9:30-1:00 pm. Group Lake Clean up, picnic lunch. More information at http://www.napawatersheds.org/events/view/6089.

General Meeting - May 15th, 2014

Come learn the story of the Napa River and how to paddle it, fish it and protect it. May 15, 6:30 pm at the Napa Library.

Climate Action Plan

Napa County has restarted efforts to address greenhouse gas emissions disfavor with the Board of Supervisors. In July, the county called back previously active stakeholders like the Sierra Club and also initiated public roundtable discussions to “re-vision” the county’s Climate Action Plan. The new approach is expected to focus on incentives and voluntary actions.

Groundwater Monitoring Plan

Napa County Groundwater Monitoring Plan 2013 was released earlier this year. The Groundwater Resources Advisory Committee (GRAC) has been working since 2011 to develop a program that will provide data for improved evaluation of this resource. With the help of volunteer well owners, the county will develop an extensive database that tracks groundwater elevation and groundwater quality. Members of the advisory committee are now knocking on the doors of those whose wells have been identified to meet the criteria for an improved data monitoring system. For most of those living in the unincorporated area, groundwater is the sole source of water supply. The GRAC also created an ad hoc committee to work on developing Groundwater Sustainability Objectives. This action as well as the monitoring program are guided by Conservation Goals of the county’s General Plan. Find more about GRAC at www.countyofnapa.org/planning/GRAC/.

Opportunities for Involvement:

Hike Leader Training-June 13-15 at Clair Tappaan Lodge

Attend a weekend of interactive learning, networking with leaders from all Sierra Club outing programs, and of course, lots of fun. The purpose of this training is to provide new and experienced leaders with the skills to plan safe, happy and inspiring outings that promote the conservation mission of the Sierra Club. This workshop also provides the opportunity to share new and engaging trip ideas and learn about other leadership opportunities within the Sierra Club.

Outings Committee

The outings committee is re-organizing and looking for new members. This is a great opportunity to share ideas for new outdoor adventures. Contact napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com

Adopt a Park

Since last fall, a group of Sierra Club volunteers has been assisting the cultivation of young native plants at Napa’s Trancas Crossing Park, on Trancas and Soscol. Our work parties go out for a couple of hours at a time, weeding and mulching.... while enjoying the cries of hawks, and graceful soarings of swallows. To join our volunteer group, contact napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com.

Membership Chair

A membership chair organizes outreach to members and plans events for education and socialization. To apply, contact Isabelle at napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com.

Help Us Go Green!

We seldom send paper newsletters, due to cost. To receive our e-mail newsletters, send your e-mail address to napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com.