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Check out the Redwood Chapter Sierra Club Outings Group on Meetup to see a list of hikes and hikers.




Napa outings leaders offer a wide variety of outings that are safe, fun, and inspired.
Contact the Outings Commitee if you are interested in leading an outing.

All Sierra Club trips are open to the public unless otherwise announced. You are free to bring all members of your family and guests. Children are usually welcome, but if you doubt that they are old enough to manage the trip, call the leader. (Please refer to the chart below to determine the degree of difficulty.) Our outings leaders are trained in first aid. They carry first aid kits. VISITORS ARE WELCOME.

E - Easy Actual Mileage A - Less than 1,000
M - Moderate   B - 1,000 to 2,000
H - Hard   C - 2,000 to 3,000
S - Strenuous   D - over 3,000
V - Very Strenuous   D - over 3,000

The actual mileage will be listed for each trip. Elevation gain will reflect the gain from the start of the hike to the highest point. If you need to know the cumulative gain, please contact the leader.

Sierra Club Outings are open to members and the general public. The outings leaders often have specific requirements for a particular outing; be sure to check the listing.

To participate in a Sierra Club Outing you must sign a Liability Waiver (MS-Word) (PDF). Car Pooling is encouraged to conserve resources. Such arrangements are made by the participants, who assume the risk. The Sierra Club does not insure car pooling and assumes no liability for it.


On-Going Thursdays- Napa Group Weekly Hiking to keep (or get) inshape

Let's hike in Westwood Hills before work. This hike will be on-going Thursdays 7-8 am. Trail choice and pace will vary depending on participants. Don't let the hills scare you! Meet in the parking lot on Browns Valley Rd. Non Sierra Club members are very welcome! RSVP on-line: http://www.meetup.com/Redwood- Chapter-Sierra-Club-Outings-Group/events/169993482/ or contact Leader: Isabelle: napabelle@gmail.com Heavy rain cancels.

Fri.-Sun. July 18-20 – Napa Group & Sequoia Paddlers. Canoe/Kayak Campout.

Camping and boating at a Sierra lake. Destination to be determined. This will be either car camping, or boat camping, depending on location. Info http://www.meetup.com/Redwood-Chapter-Sierra-Club-Outings-Group/events/181367792/. Leaders Isabelle Saint-Guily izstguily@gmail.com and Carl Inglin chinglin@sonic.net, 707-538-8271

Fri.-Sun. Aug. 15-17 – Napa Group & Sequoia Paddlers. Loon Lake Boat in/Camp out. 

Loon Lake is a granite bound lake on the edge of the Desolation Wilderness. We’ll canoe/kayak to the primitive camps on the east end of the lake. Opportunities for day hiking, photography, drawing, and just kicking back. Info. http://www.meetup.com/Redwood-Chapter-Sierra-Club-Outings-Group/events/181369002/. Leaders: Isabelle Saint-Guily izstguily@gmail.com and Carl Inglin chinglin@sonic.net, 707 538-8271.


Check out the Redwood Chapter Outings for more listings.