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Green Valley Falls Hike Hiking Lynch Canyon

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Sierra Club trips are open to the public unless otherwise noted. You're free to bring family  members and guests. Children are usually welcome; if you're not sure they're old enough, call the leader.

Outings start no later than 15 minutes after scheduled meeting time. The leader is in charge of the trip and is responsible for your welfare and the good name of the Club. Leaders need your cooperation to make the trip safe, pleasant and rewarding.

Please don't charge ahead of the leader, and keep within sight or shouting distance of the person ahead of you so you don't miss an intersecting trail. Do not lag behind the rear leader, who will stay behind to help you if needed. Please do not leave the group without letting the leader know you're going.

Bring lunch, cup and liquids. Be sure your shoes are adequate, well broken in, and preferably low-heeled and with high tops.

Guard against fire danger: Do not smoke on trails. Build fires only with the leader's permission, and extinguish them completely. Do not bring guns, pets, or radios on hikes. Binoculars and digital cameras are encouraged, however!

Carpools are not part of the outing but are encouraged. We suggest a 20-cents-per-mile compensation be paid to the driver you ride with.

Difficulty Mileage Elevation Gain
E - Easy up to 6 miles A -  Less than 1,000 feet
M - Moderate 6-10 miles B - 1,000 to 2,000 feet
H - Hard 10-15 miles C - 2,000 to 3,000 feet
S - Strenuous 15-20 miles D - over 3,000 feet
V - Very Strenuous over 20 miles D - over 3,000 feet

Actual miles are listed in each outing's description. Elevation Gain is from the start of the outing to the outing's highest point. An outing description might be E-4-A, indicating an Easy outing covering 4 miles & less than 1,000 feet of elevation gain. For cumulative elevation gain, contact the leader. Outing descriptions include outing leader contact info.

How fast does an outing leader go? Check the leader's pace in the Redwood Needles newsletter, or contact the outing leader.

The Legal Stuff
All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver. To read it, click here, or contact the Outings Department at (415) 977-5528 for a printed version.

The Sierra Club does not have carpooling insurance and assumes no liability for carpools. Participants assume all risks associated with travel.

Solano Group Outings:
Friday, May 22,  9:30 a.m.-noon, Green Valley Falls Hike:

This is a moderate hike to a scenic 60-foot waterfall located in a beautiful fern canyon on Vallejo Watershed property in Green Valley near Fairfield. We cross one creek and have a steep, but short climb to the falls. The total hike is about 4 miles r/t. The hike is limited to persons 14 years or older and persons under 18 must be with a parent. Due to processing fees imposed by the City of Vallejo we asking for a donation of $5.00 per person. You must pre-register for this hike by May 16. 

  • Directions to the trailhead will be given when you call to register. Bring water/snacks. 
  • Info and sign-up: Kenn 707-319-1846


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