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Welcome to the Water Committee!

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The Water Committee is one of several committees that the Sonoma County Sierra Club has which promote conservation and intelligent use of our precious natural environment. Our goal is to find ways to use smart planning to allow the human environment to live in harmony with nature, animal and plant life on a sustainable basis.

Sonoma Group Water Committee Meetings
First Wednesday of each month
7pm at the Environmental Center (in the back room)
55A Ridgeway Avenue, Santa Rosa
(2 blocks north of College Ave. and 1 blocks west of Cleveland)

Call Len at 544-7651 or the Environmental Center at 527-7516 for more information.

Upcoming and Current Activities
Our recent emphasis has been to guide the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission to include smart water use in the water element of the proposed County General Plan 2020. We plan to continue to provide comment to them at their meetings starting in December. Join us at their meetings to preserve our water future

We are working in concert with the Sonoma County Water Coalition to acheve comprehensive water planning in the County, where fish, animal life, plant life and people would all share our scarce water to the benefit of all.

The Water Committee is also working on numerous other issues such as:
  • Ground Water and Acquifer Recharge
  • Discharge Compliance Project
  • Incremental Recycled Water Program
  • Urban Water issues
  • Tiered water rates to promote conservation
  • Purple plumbing for recycled water
  • Direct and indirect water reuse
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Energy / Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
  • Diversion of Eel River (Potter Valley Project)
  • Saving Fish
  • Water Supply Reliability
  • Water Supply Transmission and Reliability Project (WSTRP)
  • Gravel Mining in the Russian and other Rivers
  • Water Quality: perchlorate, medical waste discharge, endocrine disrupters, and other contaminants in our water
  • Waste Water Discharge
  • Creek Reports
  • Well Reports
  • Critical Habitat for Fish
  • Liaison to other Watershed Groups
  • Climate Protection as an aspect of Water Use

Join us to help in promoting smart use of our water resources. You can work with us on any of our present activities, or bring your own water related concern to us. You may contact us at leonard.l.holt@us.mwhglobal.com or call 707-527-7516.

Many of our current activities are in concert with the Sonoma County Water Coalition. If you're interested in water issues, please also see their website: http://www.scwatercoalition.org/.

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